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8 Back-to-School Must Haves for Middle and High School Flute Students

Getting ready for going back to school can be fun because it's a chance to buy fresh supplies and start the school year right. Even though most band teachers have a general list of materials or may even provide materials for each student, there are things you as a parent can make sure your flute student has to give them a chance of success from Day 1.


1. An Instrument in Working Order

Flute is a common instrument which means that most school band programs will have one or two lying around. However, being able to have an instrument to practice at home is essential to make real progress in band. Check your local music shop to see what rental options they offer. It usually includes maintenance, so if your flute student drops the instrument or accidentally sits on it the shop will repair or replace it without extra fees. If you know your student is committed to playing the flute for more than three years, then you may want to look into purchasing a flute they can call their own. Although a local music shop can sell you an instrument, flute retailers usually have lower prices and specialize in all things flute. Not sure what kind of instrument you need to buy? Retailers like Flute Center of New York can work directly with you to make sure you spend your money the right way and your student ends up with a flute they will love for years to come.

2. Cleaning supplies

Did you know that flutes need to be cleaned every time they are played? Proper cleaning on a regular basis can help prevent bacteria buildup inside of the flute and keep your student healthy! Some local music shops will include cleaning supplies with rental instruments, but sometimes they don't and band teachers may not have extras to give to every student. For flute, the non-negotiable supplies are a cleaning rod, cleaning cloth, and polishing cloth. You can find a cleaning kit at your local music shop or buy these supplies from Amazon or Flute Center of New York. For the polishing cloth, make sure it is NOT a silver polishing kit and cloth! This can damage and scratch the flute surface.

3. Tuner/metronome

Did you know that band teachers recommend students own a tuner and metronome almost every day? A tuner can help your flute student train their ear and play better, and a metronome can help your student build a better sense of rhythm. Your flute student will be their teacher's favorite if they practice with these two things at home! My favorite tuner/metronome app is called Tunable. Even though it's not free, it's definitely worth the purchase. This app was less than $10 as of this blog's publication, and your average physical tuner/metronome can be anywhere between $30 and $100!