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Organize your college audition process and set yourself up for success, no matter the outcome.

Applying for college can be a scary thing on its own. But auditioning for music schools feels like you're putting your musicianship in a spotlight... and it can affect where you take your next steps in life!

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Applying for colleges and music programs can bring out the worst emotions:


  • Are you paralyzed by having to make decisions that can impact your future?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed when you look at all the deadlines?

  • Is it frustrating when people ask you what your plans are?

Take control of your college audition journey.

The College Audition Prep Guide helps you organize your audition process and build connections with your prospective schools so you can feel confident with the decisions you make.

From knowing which schools to pick to dealing with rejections, this guide streamlines the process so you can organize your thoughts and gather information.

If you don't know where to start, this Prep Guide will help you answer questions and contact your schools so you are informed and ready for your college auditions.

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What's included in the Prep Guide?

Step 1: Gather Information

Collect general information about the school, its music program, deadlines, and how to contact them for questions. Learn how to use Instagram to find out what college websites don't show you.

Step 2: Audition Repertoire

Select your audition pieces and make a plan to practice efficiently while balancing your life and responsibilities. You'll learn how to use practice rotations to take the guesswork out of choosing what to practice.

Step 3: Make Contact

Introduce yourself to the professor of your instrument and the music admissions counselor. Set up lessons with professors and meetings with current students so you know what it's really like to be a student at your prospective schools. Learn how to write the perfect email!

Step 4: Gather Feedback

Play for teachers, band directors, and peers to build confidence and make progress on your audition pieces. Attend prospective student events at your schools and learn how to get audition ready!

Step 5: Audition

Send prescreening materials and show up on your audition dates. Learn how to prep for audition days, from outfit to hydration! You'll also know how to plan whether you're doing an in-person or virtual audition.

Step 6: Reflection

How to reward yourself for finishing a rigorous process. Evaluate what can help you move forward from acceptances and rejections. Learn what to do after you've made your decision!

Not sure if the Prep Guide is for you?

Here's what students are saying about the College Audition Prep Guide. These students ended up going to their dream schools:

Paige, music performance major

"When I started preparing for college auditions, I was a little freaked out. The guide gave me great resources and paced the process so I felt less overwhelmed and more confident about my journey.

Sydney, chemistry major & music minor

"I knew where I wanted to apply but the audition process was a little scary. Thanks to the guide, I was able to meet my flute professor before I auditioned and I knew I made the right choice!"

Kaz, music performance major

"The guide made it really easy to keep my deadlines and audition rep organized. The practice rotations helped when I was busy and didn't want to think about practicing. My college audition ended up being fun and way less stressful!"

Ready to start your college audition prep journey?

When you purchase the College Audition Prep Guide Program, you'll get lifetime access to:

  • Walkthrough videos for every step and section

  • Tips on how to pick audition pieces and practice them

  • Email templates to connect with your schools pre- and post-audition

  • Ways to feel confident on audition day

  • How to deal with acceptance and rejections

  • Interviews with current college music professors

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