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5 Reasons to Love Flute Center of New York

I know, I know... it seems odd to love a flute retailer. But you have that one clothing brand that you keep buying from, the same coffee brand you drink every day, and so many other companies and brands that you have grown to like and trust.

As a flute player and flute teacher, I've been around the block and tried several flute retailers, and Flute Center of New York (FCNY) is the one company that's been there for me AND my students.

If you're looking for that place to trust with all of your flute needs, FCNY can fill those needs while treating you like family. Here are 6 reasons I love buying from Flute Center of New York!


They have the biggest selection of piccolos, flutes, alto flutes, and bass flutes in the United States.

FCNY is a one-stop shop for finding the best instrument in the flute family for you! Each instrument is certified and checked for the finest quality, so you're always getting what you pay for.

On top of quality instruments, they sell so many reputable flute brands so you can try a little bit of everything before you buy. Their associates are trained flutists, so they can offer you the best picks, and if you have specific questions they know exactly how to answer them and find what you need.

They have an easy process for trying and buying the best instrument for you.

The biggest unknown for parents and students looking to buy a new instrument is, "Where do I even start?"

Luckily, FCNY makes it simple and straightforward to start. Not only do they explain the process right on their website, they also are easy to call and get connected to a sales associate. I've had many students buy flutes and piccolos through them, and by the end of the trial process I feel like I'm BFFs with the sales associate!

Once you find the right instrument, FCNY has several financing and payment options to officially own your instrument. They're easy to talk to, and once you pay for the instrument it's all yours.

FCNY has a great warranty for any instruments purchased with them.

The last thing you want to worry about once you buy a new instrument is needing minor repairs. Luckily, FCNY offers a 12-month warranty for minor repairs and adjustments from your purchase date.

This is a great deal considering that local music stores can often upcharge for basic repair services. They also aren't always trained in repair for every single flute brand, especially professional models.

As a FCNY Club Teacher, my students get an 18-month service warranty on their purchased instruments. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my students and their flutes are in good hands.

FCNY has technicians trained to repair and maintain every flute brand they sell, so your flute will always be in good hands and you don't have to break the bank to keep your flute in tip-top shape.

They also sell flute accessories and sheet music.

Playing the flute is about having a quality instrument and quality accessories! Everything from cleaning rods, polishing cloths, and carrying cases can be found on their website.

They also partner with Rose Music for a large selection of flute music of different genres and instrumentation. They usually have sales and deals, and they always offer free shipping on orders over $75.

They offer resources like masterclasses, practice tips, and flute care advice for free.

Just when you think instruments, flute accessories, sheet music, and repair services are enough, FCNY takes customer service a step further by offering access to free resources on their website.

Short practice tip videos, blog posts by reputable flutists and professionals, and masterclass events open to the public are just a few of the resources you can learn from at FCNY. This is something I wish was around when I was a young flute player, but even now I learn something new every time I check out the Flute Center page!

Final Flute Notes

Flute Center of New York is a great place to find the best instrument for you, and they take customer service a step further by offering repair services, flute accessories, sheet music, and education even after you've found your flute.

Want to check them out for yourself?

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