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Make music simpler with our flute family as your squad.

As a flute player, you're always told what you need to know to be a strong musician. But how many times are you told how to practice these "must know" concepts?

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The coolest, and probably most frustrating thing, about learning an instrument is that every musical journey is completely unique. And while that opens up endless possibilities for growth and success, it can feel daunting unless you have a reliable guide.

How do I know if flute lessons are a good fit for me?

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Lessons are a great investment for fluties who want to:

- learn how to practice

- build confidence in their playing and approach to music

- embrace music and its piece of your musical identity

- work through challenges in non-traditional approaches

- conquer the fear that comes from sharing your creativity with others

Flute lessons come in all shapes and sizes. Where there is a will, there is most definitely a way!

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Just because your instrument hasn't changed much in a few hundred years doesn't mean that lessons haven't evolved, either.

Zoom lessons mean that you can live your life and still commit to your musical journey. In a different state or country? Have a flexible or unusual schedule?

As long as you have internet, your schedule or location will never be an obstacle for your fluting goals.

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Playing an instrument is one small part of music education, but music teachers never have time to teach you everything.

Check out The Music Vault, a collection of musical knowledge from Bach to salsa.


The Music Vault teaches you everything your music teachers wish they could teach you but never have time to do!