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Ready to take control of your musicianship?

Just because music making can be stressful, doesn't mean it has to stress you out. Private lessons will help you pinpoint your fears and embrace your unique musical journey.

Identify your weaknesses AND your strengths by practicing a positive inner dialogue.

You're fully aware of your own flaws, but can you name your strengths, too? Instead of hyper-focusing on things like:

  • those scales you still don't know

  • that high A that still squeaks

  • the solo you always mess up

You will learn to use the skills you already have to build up everything else.

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Use musical discipline to work with you and for you.

When you think of musical discipline, what often comes to mind is a student trapped in a practice room for 8 hours a day. The reality is that most of us barely have an hour to practice every day!


Together, we can discover your musical roadmap to fit your schedule, goals, and needs... without the shaming or guilt tripping.

Build your musical confidence and use it in everyday living.

Studying music is a great way to build personal traits that will last beyond your musical education.

  • Preparing and performing recitals means that you know how to commit and stick to challenging things.

  • Practicing means that you know how to balance lots of responsibilities and your time.

  • Embracing a positive inner dialogue means that you know how to be patient with yourself and others.

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Sign up for Private Lessons, so you can take control of your fears and enjoy your musical journey.

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Here's what you get with Private Lessons:

One-on-one time, so you can learn how to guide yourself and be your own teacher.

Lesson books and materials, so you can practice your new skills and build that confidence.


Workshops and recitals, so you can learn from the best and perform like the pros.


A flute community with students who are just like you!

PLUS, you'll also get instant access to:

The Simper Music Studio online library so you can support your practice from anywhere

The Music Vault, a collection of music worksheets to teach you everything from Bach to Salsa

Round-the-clock feedback from me, your flute cheerleader!


Private lessons are an investment in your musicianship and in yourself.
Here's how it works:

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Complete the New Student Application here to share your musical journey and goals with me

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Schedule a consultation lesson to make sure we're on the same page about what you need and how to get started

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Gain access to Simper Music Studio resources, our community, and me as your personal flute guide

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Enjoy your musical journey and celebrate your results!

Private Lesson Packages




  • Monthly tuition for weekly lessons

  • 30-, 45-, & 60-minute lessons

  • Lesson materials cost

  • Recital & event cost

  • Access to online library & Music Vault


(in person)



  • Monthly tuition for weekly lessons

  • 30-, 45-, & 60-minute lessons

  • Lesson materials cost

  • Recital & event cost

  • Access to online library & Music Vault





  • Pay-per-lesson schedule

  • 30-, 45-, & 60-minute lessons

  • Limited access to online library & Music Vault


  • Lesson materials cost

  • Recitals & event cost

And just who am I?
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I'm a Hermoine Granger-type: studious, meticulous, and an organization queen. I have two degrees and over a decade of experience under my belt, so I know how unforgiving the classical music world can be... and I also know how rewarding it can be if you know how to approach it.

As someone who loves a good plan, I am all about working smarter, not harder to help overthinking fluties achieve their goals and get in touch with their truest self.

“After 20 years of not playing, you make it so easy to want to pick up my flute and play! You've given me something none of my former teachers could ever give me - you correct with such love and you always explain the why and how behind everything."

Meredith, adult flute student


Still have questions?

Why don't you include the tuition price on your website?

Prices depend on how long your lessons are and whether you plan to take lessons long or short term. We'll choose the best option for you, and all costs will be disclosed up front before you officially sign up.

This sounds like a big commitment... what if I'm not ready to go all in just yet?

No worries! If you're not quite sure that regular lessons are what you want, A La Carte Lessons are great to get a first-hand experience with lessons without signing up for more than you're ready for. You'll always have the option to switch to regular lessons or to keep it casual with A La Carte.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Ask away! Send a message and get all the info you need to make an informed decision:

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