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My name is Nathalie Simper...

... and I'm not your average music teacher.

I've made it my mission to help students from all walks of life feel confident and empowered to build their true identities.


As a self-identified introvert, it hasn't always been easy to embrace my inner flute goddess. After decades of training and learning, I've had "aha!" moments and "why am I still doing this?" moments, but everything has shaped my path to becoming a cheerleader for Nervous Nelly musicians.

Failing auditions, riding the freelance struggle bus, and soul searching helped me realize that just because music requires discipline, doesn't mean that it's meant to be rigid. All good lessons in music can be applied to multiple facets of our life!

Repetition, discipline, and organization practiced in music can help you live a more confident life inside and outside of the practice room. Want to know how? Learn about flute lessons. 

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