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7 Flute Christmas Gifts for Flute Students

Looking for flute Christmas gift ideas for your resident flute lover? You could go the practical route and purchase every day music and practice supplies, OR... you could go the fun route!

Check out these fun recommendations to give the gift of music to your favorite flute student!

1. Flute-Playing Penguin Ornament

A flute playing penguin Christmas ornament

This little guy plays a song and can stand alone or hang from a Christmas tree!

2. The Flute-Stache

A clip-on mustache for the flute headjoint

A clip-on mustache to add a little quirk to playing the flute.

3. Flute Key Necklace

A necklace with a flute key pendant

Keep a piece of the flute with you everywhere you go.

4. Musical Ornaments

A hanging flute Christmas ornament in a box

Who doesn't love a mini-flute ornament? Perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree!

5. Flute Player Figurine

A figurine of a girl angel playing the flute

The Willow Tree's Angel of Harmony is a girl playing the flute.

6. Flute Artwork

A print of three watercolor flutes

A watercolor print rendition of flutes, perfect for framing and hanging in your flute student's room or practice space!

7. Sheet Music Gift Card

A Rose Music gift card

Not sure what sheet music they like, want, or need? A gift card to purchase sheet music means your student will be able to pick what they’ll really enjoy!



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