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4 Great French Flute Pieces (that aren't in the French Music Collection)

If you've ever prepared for an audition or competition, you've probably come across the revered Flute Music by French Composers, or The French Book. This book is an essential collection of pieces written for the Paris Conservatory's Morceau de Concours.

This tradition was started by flutist Paul Taffanel to test conservatory flute students on their virtuosity each year, and the conservatory eventually followed the same practice for other instruments. Living composers were commissioned to compose the contest pieces, and these pieces would become standard flute repertoire in Western tradition.

As useful as The French Book is, there are many other pieces composed for this tradition that are less known and played less frequently than the popularized collection.

Take a listen to my personal favorite contest pieces that aren't in The French Book and why I enjoy them, that are also available online for your next French rep pick or recital! Click on the piece title to find sheet music.

Btw, if you order music through the blog links, I get a little commission, and you get a little discount at checkout. Or, use the code SIMPERMUSIC when you're ready to order through Flute Center!


The most famous flute piece Jules Mouquet wrote was Flute de Pan. But it's amazing to be able to listen to his other pieces and still hear his style throughout.


Looking for more French contest pieces to explore? Take a look at this list of Concours flute pieces from 1824 to 2019 here.


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