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Student Solo Favorites: Living Women Composers

Let’s face it: Classical Music hasn’t always been friendly to women. Many women composers throughout the centuries have had to compose in secret, publish their music under a fake male identity, or haven’t received proper recognition until after they’ve passed.

But the good news is that things can change, including the stick-in-the-mud, slow-to-change Classical Music world! And given that there are so many young girls studying flute, here are some of their favorite pieces composed by living women!

Btw, I don't make any money off of the sheet music links in this list. I just like to share the love.


1. Spring Song by Dr. Lauren Bernofsky

"If happy had a song, this would be it."

  • Flute and piano

  • Great for getting comfortable with sharp key signatures and key changes

  • Sounds energetic whether you play it up to tempo or under tempo

  • The melody stays mostly in the staff, with some high register notes

  • Slurred and smooth melodies while still being upbeat


2. Fisherman’s Song by Chen Yi

"The main melody is super pretty! I like that the high register stuff isn't crazy hard like it usually is in other pieces."

  • Flute and piano

  • Simple key signatures with two main melodies

  • Technical section with octave jumps