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Student Solo Favorites: Solos for Flute Alone

My students are torn between two feeling about solo flute music – on the one hand, it’s fun to be independent, but on the other hand, it can be kinda scary to perform alone on a stage! I personally like the idea of being in complete control of how I tell the story of a piece, especially knowing that I can play it differently literally every time I play it.

The other thing that makes solos for flute alone fun is it can help you feel confident making musical decisions whether you’re alone, playing with piano, or in any kind of group. Here are our students' favorites!

Btw, if you order music through the blog links, I get a little commission, and you get a little discount at checkout. Or, use the code SIMPERMUSIC when you're ready to order through Flute Center of New York. You're welcome.


1. Danse de la Chevre (Dance of the Goat) by Arthur Honegger

"I like knowing the story behind the piece and trying to bring it to life."

  • Has a backstory to help build a musical story

  • Great for college auditions

  • Rhythmic and melodic sections

  • Lots of scales and patterns

  • Predictable style


2. Fantasie No. 6 in D Minor by Georg Philipp Teleman

"There's a different character in each movement, and makes learning Baroque style less scary!"

  • 3 movements

  • Predictable melodies

  • Different time signatures

  • Good intro to Baroque style music

  • Practice with note and articulation patterns


3. Celtic Suite No. 2 "Fields of Grace" by Herman Beeftink

"The beginning sounds like it's straight from Lord of the Rings."

  • Very distinct sections of technical challenges

  • Progressively gets faster in tempo

  • Great practice on triplet rhythms

  • Good intro to pitch bends


4. Beverly by Ian Clarke

"It's like what my brain sounds like when I don't know what to say."

  • Intro to extended technique note fingerings

  • Steady tempo with time changes

  • Slow and melodic

  • Grace notes and simple rhythms


Which solo is your favorite?

  • 0%Danse de la Chevre

  • 0%Fantasie No. 2 in D Minor

  • 0%Celtic Suite No. 2

  • 0%Beverly


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