Online Flute and
Piccolo Lessons

flute music

In a time of social distancing, we can still allow love of music to connect us to the world around us! 


Zoom lessons are a great way to remind your student that we can still make progress in the comfort of your own home. 


For a successful online learning experience, the student should have:

- a reliable internet connection

- a laptop/tablet

- access to Zoom (it's free!)

- a working flute

Students should come prepared for lessons with a flute in good working order, a pencil, a metronome, a tuner, music required for lessons, and the lesson notebook provided by the instructor.

Lessons that are cancelled with less than 24-hour notice are non-refundable and cannot be made up. However, constant and up-front communication ensures easy rescheduling when things come up - and they always do. This also ensures that your student gets the most out of your investment!​

Get started today!