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Student Solo Favorites: Classical Flute Repertoire

Suite Modale, Barber Canzone, Gaubert Madrigal, Taffanel Andante Pastoral et Scherzettino

Btw, I don't make any money off of the sheet music links in this list. I just like to share the love.


1. Suite Modale by Ernest Bloch

"I like how each movement tells a different story. It also makes learning about different scales interesting!"

  • Four movements, can perform together or separately

  • Great for student recitals

  • Has fast, slow, pretty - everything in between

  • Great introduction for learning about scale modes (theory stuff)


2. Canzone by Samuel Barber

"This piece sounds like smooth, creamy peanut butter to my soul."

  • Short and sweet piece

  • Sharp key signature and complex-looking rhythms

  • Has low and high register melodies

  • Great for practicing legato and long phrases