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Flute Repertoire Recommendations: Alto Flute Music

Even though I've played alto flute many times in ensembles, I haven't really explored the solo alto flute repertoire until more recently. I definitely want to hear more alto flute on recitals and I've started looking for pieces that speak to my heart and do the alto flute justice.

The alto flute can be just as impressive as C flute, and its unique mellow tone is super expressive. These are my recent purchases to challenge my alto flute chops and so far I haven't been disappointed. Check these out with me and tell me what you think!

Btw, if you order music through the blog links, I get a little commission, and you get a little discount at checkout. Or, use the code SIMPERMUSIC when you're ready to order through Flute Center of New York. You're welcome.


Velvet by Gary Schocker

For flute and piano: This is one of those pieces that's short and sweet, mellow - great for a breather or palate cleanser for a recital. If you haven't had much practice on alto flute and are looking for a way to ease into learning this instrument, Velvet would be a safe choice without being boring.


Salomo by Isang Yun

For solo alto flute: This is from a Cantata, but doesn't sound like your typical aria transcription. The composer uses the alto's strengths and makes a great piece to show off the more intense side of the alto flute, when many pieces cater to the slower and sweeter traits of the instrument.


I Will Not Be Sad In This World by Eve Belgarian

For alto flute and electronics: When I think of electronics and flute, I always feel like it's out of my abilities to do those pieces justice. This is one of those pieces that is great for someone performing with electronics for the first time, or if you're still getting used to electronics like me. With a profound backstory, this piece really gives you the space to explore your artistic interpretation on a beautiful instrument.


Toward the Sea by Toru Takemitsu

For alto flute and guitar: Flute and guitar is one of those instrument duos made in heaven, and alto flute and guitar is no different. Takemitsu paints images and sceneries throughout the movements that feature both instruments at the best. You have some extended techniques in the alto flute that are approachable for anyone looking to use this on a recital.


Sonatina by Alexandra Harwood

For alto flute and piano: Based on ancient Japanese music, Harwood adds to the alto flute repertoire with this 3-movement work. It has a mix of traditional and modern sounds and really gives you the chance to test your virtuosity on alto flute.


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