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5 iPad Accessories to Own as a Flute Player

Using an iPad to practice and perform on flute is becoming more common and easier than ever. Even though purchasing an iPad is a big financial investment, the advantages of iPad music support make the investment worth every dollar.

If you already own an iPad and want to make the most out of using it to practice flute, check out my recommendations for iPad accessories:


Apple Pencil

This one is a no brainer. Since the iPad is replacing your physical sheet music, you need to be able to mark your digital sheet music quickly and easily. An Apple Pencil will make writing in accidentals, breaths, and other practice notes similar to writing on your old sheet music.

iPad Cover Case

Since your iPad will be traveling with you to wherever you practice or perform flute, you want to protect it from falls and bumps, especially if you're clumsy like me! You can go with a safe color like all black, but since the screen cover will be covered while you use the iPad you can go for a cover that better appeals to your style.

Paperfeel Screen Protector

Nothing can truly replace the feeling of writing on paper, but this screen protector is about as close as it gets. As someone who cares about textures and how they feel, I love the matte feel to this screen protector. Plus, it holds up well and keeps my screen scratch free. It's also super easy to wipe down for a smudge-free screen.

Tablet/Phone Combo Stand

This accessory is more an optional splurge item, but as a teacher it gives me a stand so my students can use my actual music stand. I love the flexibility so I can situate the iPad to the perfect angle for reading sheet music and marking it up. The phone holder is my favorite part because I can set up my tuner app on the phone and see it right under the iPad. The stand is also foldable which makes it as portable as your iPad!

Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal

Pedals aren't just for pianos anymore! A Bluetooth page turner pedal can take some getting used to (don't ask me how many times I messed up onstage!) but makes turning pages simple, no matter how complicated. You can set it to turn forward backward, skip a certain number of pages, and even turn half a page at a time. The best part? You never have to worry that all of your pages will fall off the stand in the middle of your solo.

Final Flute Notes

Practicing and performing flute using an iPad can be a worthwhile investment if you take the time to research proper accessories. Need some app recommendations to support your practice? Check out this blog on my trusted iPad apps:

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