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Hello, I'm Nathalie Simper! I am a flute teacher in East Tennessee, and I have a full-time passion for music and education.

       I have two degrees in music performance and  have taught students all over the country. After a decade of teaching experience and performance studies, I have seen the twisted road that education can be - the good, the bad, and everything in between!

       After running myself into the ground to be "the best" flute player during graduate school, I realized that none of it mattered if I was miserable the whole time. Who wants to practice when you dread going to lessons? I learned to look at my "failures" and accept their roles in getting me to my successes. I decided that my goal was no longer perfection - it was the pursuit of knowledge for personal growth. and the moment I did, everything changed.

       Did all of my problems suddenly disappear? I wish, but no. My problems did seem more approachable, though. Since I gave myself permission to be a human and make mistakes, my little successes felt like giant landmarks in my playing and understanding of music. And every hill and valley along that journey brought my closer to my goals!

This positive change in how we view the undertaking of music studies is something I wish I had from the moment I began studying flute almost 20 years ago. And THAT is what I offer to my students - acceptance that mistakes are normal (you're not a robot!), patience to let the learning journey take you to your goals (no matter how curvy the road), and the ability to be your biggest cheerleader (with my flute family as your squad).

Nathalie Simper

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