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Simper Music Studio

Turn musical discipline into confident living

Are you tired of the same old baggage when it comes to studying a musical instrument?

  • Constantly doubting your progress

  • Dreading having to practice or perform

  • Afraid of making mistakes

  • Frustrated by the lack of progress in your playing


Trust me, the discipline of playing an instrument can feel like the weight of a million bricks on your shoulders!


But what if it could be different? What if you could be excited about practicing, be okay with making mistakes, and look forward to performing in public?

Your musical journey should build your confidence inside and outside the practice room!


“Taking lessons has really changed my perspective on music. I remember how much I used to hate practicing because I felt like a wasn’t making any progress. When I did poorly on chair auditions, I really decided to start lessons. Three years later, I feel like my playing abilities have completely changed! I feel way less nervous to play in front of people, and you have really helped me to be a more outgoing person. I feel way more inclined to try things that scare me! You have such a positive outlook on music and always have a solution to a problem that makes music so much more enjoyable.”

Holly, HS Senior

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