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3 Tech Gadgets to Boost Your Practice

We practically live with a phone, tablet, or computer in our hands every day, and practicing an instrument is no different!

I used to be a traditional practicer with a flute, pencil, notebook, and a can-do attitude, but since I've incorporated a few tech upgrades to my practice routine I feel more productive and motivated to set aside quality time with my flute.

Check out these tech upgrades and see how they can support your practice routine!



I pushed against this upgrade for a LONG time. I'm the kind of gal who loves the smell of books and sheet music and feeling it in my hands. But as a traveling teacher to 15-30 students at a time, it wasn't sensible to be carrying 5-10 per student all over town.

Not only does my iPad store my entire sheet music library, but it's also handy to pull up YouTube or Spotify and listen to my music while I follow along on my digital score. I can make set lists for each student and for my own practice sessions, meaning I don't have to fish for my music or even remember where I left off the last time I practiced.

For app and accessory recommendations to take your iPad practice a step further, check out this blog post:


Let's face it – no matter where you practice there will be distractions. When I practice at home, the dogs bark at everything, my husband wants to know where the batteries are, and the leaf blowers are on full blast outside my window.

At school, the bells and sounds of chatter bleed into the practice rooms. Using earbuds can not only help block out all the extra noise, but it can also help you focus on the metronome or on that Spotify track you're listening to while following along with the sheet music.

I use Skull Candy Indy Fuel earbuds which are noise cancelling and have an ambient setting if I need to still be aware of my surroundings. Now, my biggest concern is making sure no one sneaks up on me while I have my earbuds in!

Soundbrenner (wearable metronome)

I will say that I was a bit skeptical about the wearable metronome that came out years ago. I was in college and practicing several hours a day, but I was too scared to take the leap and test it out.

Well, post-pandemic Nathalie is a bit more adventurous, so I finally took the plunge. I tested it out on 10 of my middle and high school students and used it myself. It's a metronome that takes getting used to, but many of my students who struggled with your standard click metronome were obviously more in time and more comfortable with the Soundbrenner on their wrist.

The best bang for your buck is the Core Steel. Get a vibrating metronome, contact tuner, dB meter and smartwatch in one device!

If you're someone who struggles with metronome practice or finds clicking unbearable, I would recommend giving Soundbrenner a try. Some even come with earplugs, which every musician needs to protect their ears! Use the link on the button below to get 20% off of ALL Soundbrenner products.

Final Flute Notes

Using technology in the practice room doesn't always need to be distracting. If screens and gadgets draw focus away from your practice routine, then maybe the traditional approach is best for you. But if you're looking to support your goals with a little help, these tech upgrades may be right for you!

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