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3 Ways to Have a Positive Practice Mind

Having a positive mind in the practice room is more than just being your own cheerleader. It's about creating a safe mental space for you make mistakes, try new things, and make practicing the flute an enjoyable activity.

That doesn't mean that you learn to ignore what you need to improve, but it does mean that you avoid looking at your practice sessions through the "perfection" lens. Here are 3 ways my students have a positive practice mind:


Understand the difference between being analytical and critical.

More often than not, you are your worst critic. It's important to acknowledge room for improvement and growth in a positive way, instead of hyper focusing on your flaws and failures.

Instead of thinking, "What am I doing wrong?" Think, "What can I try to do better?" You're still noticing what needs to change, but from a constructive way. You'll end up being more productive, and you'll skip the whole part where you guilt yourself for not doing that way in the first place.

Prioritize your downtime.

Being confident isn't about being positive and proactive all the time. Everyone has limits and deserves to slow down, including you.

Plan physical and mental downtime throughout your day, week, and month. Set aside time to empty your brain, recharge your battery, and just be. With the breathing room, you set yourself up to be more energized and motivated to practice.

Give yourself permission to have concerns, doubts, and worries.

Being positive 100% of the time can be EXHAUSTING. Taking positivity too far can also make you afraid to voice your worries for fear of being judged. But worrying and doubting are completely normal feelings and just plain human.

Find a way to acknowledge your concerns without giving them power. Write a pro and con list, talk it out with a friend, or just give yourself time to not think about it for a while.

Final Flute Notes

Just like the time you spend practicing the flute, a positive practice mind is something worth practicing to feel better about your flute playing. Explore your thoughts of shortcomings in a constructive way so you can feel accomplished when you reach your goals.

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