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6 Practice Tips to Build Confidence

Practicing your flute should be an enjoyable task. You get to focus on small details, improve your skills, and play fun music. However, if you're like most of my students when they start flute lessons for the first time, you might dread practicing.

The truth is that you can be so focused on playing "perfectly" that you end up questioning everything you do in the practice room, which can take the fun out of playing the flute.

Finding a way to shift that critical approach into a constructive approach will help motivate you to practice the flute outside of band and show you what you can really do with it!


Take breaks often.

Studies show that the average attention span is about 15 MINUTES (honestly, I feel like mine is closer to 5). Set a timer for 10-15 minutes (whatever floats your boat) and stay engaged until it goes off.

Then stand up, stretch, take a water break, or a scroll-through-my-phone, and repeat the process until you're ready to call it for the day. You'll feel more productive without having to be stuck in the practice room all day!

Have a plan before you start a practice session.

If you're indecisive like me, you probably spend as much time deciding what to do as you do actually practicing. Planning feels tedious but it can save you some time.

Instead of spending a few minutes of your session deciding what to practice, you can jump right in knowing exactly what to focus on. Plus, you'll feel super accomplished and productive to check things off of your practice list.

Know when to stop practicing.

Trust me, I've been there: "Just one more run-through," "Five more minutes," etc... There is always something more you feel you can do! Learn your mental and physical cues that you're drained or checking out.

It's better to walk away than to hyper focus and push your limits. There will be time to get everything done in another practice session or another day. Just write down what you want to do so you have it for your next session.