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3 Ways to Practice Flute During the Summer

Summer break always feels like a relief because you've spent the last 10 months focused on homework, projects, and exams. Now that you're free of that stress it can be easy to distance yourself from school-related activities, even practicing the flute.

Although it's important to take time off and take it easier, summer is only 2 months long... and then you're back into the school grind. If you want to stay motivated with playing the flute without burning out or skipping it altogether, check out these 3 ways to practice flute during the summer:

Listen to flute music or music with flute in it.

Who doesn't like listening to music? Granted, Classical Music may not be your jam, but actively listening to flute music can train your ear to better understand what you want to sound like and what your flute goals should be. Take it a step further and write down what you like about the flute music and use that list as a set of goals for future practice sessions.

Sight read sheet music for flute.

Did you know that there are websites that offer free downloads of sheet music written for flute? The website Flute Tunes has a huge library of free flute music, including audio tracks, difficulty level, and note range. Browse their selections, pick one, sight read it, and then you're done! You may end up finding music you'll want to study and spend more time on.

Play for fun.

You usually have concrete goals and specific pieces to practice and study during the school year. But playing for fun can help you connect with your interests and remind you why you enjoy playing the flute so much. Are you in love with Taylor Swift? Find a flute arrangement of her songs online or teach yourself a song.

Involve your musical friends by inviting them to play duets or trios with you. The internet is a big resource for finding music for different instruments and genres!

Final Flute Notes

Practicing flute over the summer doesn't have to be boring or just scale studies. Find ways to make practicing something you can look forward to, even if you're not practicing flute as consistently during the summer months.

Need help getting into a summer practice routine? Check out my online store for my newest, self-paced course that is a big "How To" on practicing!

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