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The Music Vault unlocks everything your music teacher wishes they could teach you.

Just because your teacher never talks about it, doesn't mean it's not important to know.

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Let's face it: sometimes you hear a word in music and think, "I was supposed to know what that meant?"

Instead of hoping your band director will mention it one day in class, or watching a million YouTube videos and still not getting those answers, take away the guesswork and know that no matter what level you are now, The Music Vault has your back.

What is the Music Vault?

The Music Vault is a collection of online worksheets that give you the short-and-sweet of all things music, available in a monthly subscription.

This collection is for you if you want to learn more than your music teachers have time to teach you. 

Maybe you've always wondered why everyone raves about Bach. Or perhaps you've played a sonata and still have no idea what it actually means. You've even gone down the Wikipedia rabbit hole and 3 hours later, you can't remember what you searched to begin with.

The Music Vault subscription gives you:

< A college course's worth of education for $30 a month

< A self-paced approach so you can do one worksheet a day, a week, or a month

< 24/7 access to all worksheets and direct feedback from a music master

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