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You've earned all the right degrees, done all the networking, and you're finally out in the real world with your private music studio all on your own...

And you realize that no one taught you how to balance your personal and professional life in a healthy and sustainable way.

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Organize Yourself

Now that you call all of the shots, you have to be a scheduler, a communication master, a policy enforcer, an event planner, a problem solver... and that's just your professional life!

Feeling overwhelmed with doubts and exhaustion?

Cue my entrance.

I've been dubbed as an Organizational Queen by my students, colleagues, my friends, and my dear husband Alex! 

As a lifelong student of classical music, I got a Master and Bachelor of Music degree. I have performed with professional orchestras, traveled for my craft, and taught all levels of flutists from elementary to collegiate. 

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But all of that experience and training never prepared me to be my own schedule builder. In 2021, I was gigging, had 30 students in my private studio, and adjusting to married life.

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I was in a different city every day, traveling between 6 schools, then coming home to teach for 4 hours. I had 13-hour work days and sometimes as many as FOURTEEN students in one day.

I was so burned out that I took a leave of one month to recover. That wasn't enough, though... my health was so deteriorated that I was bedridden for another month and had to have two surgeries to fully recover.

It had never occurred to me that I could use my organizational skills to help myself strike a healthy balance between my career and my personal life.

With mental health and the inner journey of musicianship being hot topics in classical music right now, it's time to invest in yourself and your potential to embrace confident living.

Schedule a consultation and see what you can do to build your confidence today.

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