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White Waves

Classical musicians are trained to believe that everyone has to follow the same path in order to fit in.


But what if you believed there were an infinite number of possible paths to build your musical identity?

Still Life

Imposter syndrome and self doubt are HUGE road blocks for countless musicians. You feel overwhelmed and like your years of rigorous training won't ever amount to anything.

Concrete Wall
How to turn musical discipline into confident living
  • Create a plan based on where you are now and where you want to be in the future

  • Learn skills to break down negative beliefs

  • Practice positivity to build confidence inside and outside of the practice room

As a lifelong student of classical music, I got a Master and Bachelor of Music degree. I have performed with professional orchestras, traveled for my craft, and taught all levels of flutists from elementary to collegiate. 

But all of that experience and training never focused on how I felt as individual while doing all those things. My inner Negative Nancy would kick into gear and set feelings of imposter syndrome loose in my mind.

But after years of relearning how to think about my instrument and experience, it gets easier to push out Negative Nancy's agenda and trust what I've spent a lifetime learning. And now I want to help other classical musicians build confidence in themselves!

With mental health and the inner journey of musicianship being hot topics in classical music right now, it's time to invest in yourself and your potential to embrace confident living.

Schedule a consultation and see what you can do to build your confidence today.

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