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College Audition Prep Guide

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Are you a high school junior or senior planning to major in music in college, but aren't sure where to start? The College Audition Guide helps you keep track of deadlines, practice routines, and tells you exactly how to build connections with your future college professors. This is a gold mine of how to streamline your audition process so you spend more time building yourself up and less time pulling your hair out in the practice room. It includes video walkthroughs on how to use the guide, as well as conversations with real college professors and what they look for in a great audition candidate. Section 1: Gather Information about your prospective schools, professors, and degree programs Section 2: Audition Repertoire - how to select pieces that you can use for multiple auditions Section 3: Make Contact - Networking with prospective professors and current students to see what your college experience would really be like, with email templates Section 4: Feedback from teachers, friends, and loved ones to build confidence playing in front of others Section 5: Audition! How to plan for audition day and inevitable nerves Section 6: Reflection on the college audition process and how to deal with waitlists, rejections, and acceptances - including email templates

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