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Meet the TraverSura Duo

Flutist Nathalie Simper and pianist Miles Sutton standing near a Steinway grand piano

Connected by common interests and musical perspectives, the TraverSura Duo consists of Nathalie Simper, flute and Miles Andrew Sutton, piano. Nathalie and Miles met during their time at Stetson University, where they collaborated in various projects, eventually parting ways after graduating in 2015. During a conversation after the 2020 Pandemic, Miles pointed out the lack of performance opportunities for recitals with diverse repertoire. This eventually began a project to create their own opportunities to perform music close to their hearts, beliefs, cultures, and traditions.

The TraverSura Duo has performed in their home state of Florida since 2022. Their recital programs “Colores Latinos'' and “Women of Our Time'' were presented at the most recent Florida Flute Association Conventions. The Duo dedicates their programs to underrepresented flute composers and their works, both in history and the present. Their most recent recital program “In Remembrance of the Holocaust'' honors composers with Jewish heritage and the humanity embedded in their contributions to classical music.


The word “traversura” is a combination of two words: “traverso” meaning flute, and “travesura” which means mischief.

Nathalie Izabel Simper | FLUTE

Flutist Nathalie Simper holding a flute over her right shoulder

Guatemalan-American flutist Nathalie Simper is the founder of The Simper Music Studio and is an advocate for diversity and representation in the classical music industry as "The Limitless Musician" on Instagram.


Nathalie's collegiate workshops teach classical music students to find music through educational institutions, networking, and social media resources.


Her commitment to The TraverSura Duo aims to highlight flute and piano pieces by underrepresented composers in order to diversify repertoire being passed down to future generations of classical flutists.

Miles Andrew Sutton | PIANO

Pianist Miles Sutton playing the piano

Chicago-based pianist Miles Andrew Sutton has collaborated with organizations such as the Chicago Master Singers, Thompson Street Opera Company, The Villages Philharmonic Chorale, and the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Centre.

As a solo pianist, Miles has received top prizes and invitations to international music competitions and festivals, working with artists such as: Alexandre Moutouzkine, Anton Nel, Daniel Shapiro, Angela Cheng, and Jean-Louis Haguenauer.

Miles enjoys creating performances that allow the audience to take an emotional journey.

What's Next?

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