Writing Music

This is not your average music

academic course.

Join us on June 21-25, 2021!

This course teaches flute history and more without the limits of a band room.

Does your student:

Have a few years of playing under their belt, but they still feel behind?


Want to know more about the flute than what their band director tells them?

Want to learn more about flute, but they don't know where to start?

Want to know what the flute can do besides play band music?

Want to learn flute history in an engaging way?

Want to connect with flute players like them?

Want to practice smarter, not harder?

Our 5-day course builds confidence in knowing that there is more to flute music than scales and band.

Students get a taste of the tradition they are a part of as a lover of music with connections they already understand. They will learn:

*How breaking down performance jitters is like playing Animal Crossing

*What arpeggios and onions have in common

*How to sight read confidently

*How to listen to music

*That the flute they play every day is just the tip of the iceberg!

Remote music lesson. Girl playing the flute.

This course takes the fun of summer camp and brings it into your own home. 

Simply Flute Virtual Academy

Students will interact with each other, try out new practice techniques, and complete a workbook so that they can use the information even after the course is over!

Are you on board yet?

Nathalie Simper flute

About the Teacher

Hey, I'm Nathalie! As a flutist with a Master's Degree, I have always craved education. But teaching young students over the past decade has given me a realization...


So why teach the boring stuff? We can't avoid teaching them because they make playing the flute SIMPLER and more FULFILLING. But band directors have so many instruments and students to worry about that time is ALWAYS an issue!

In an age where knowledge is just a tap away, I want to share everything I've learned in a brighter way for young flute students. I want them to feel that same fire for flute knowledge that I have had since the 4th grade, and I want it to MEAN SOMETHING.

Help me build a community of young flute fanatics that embrace a simpler way of learning and become life-long lovers of music!

Nathalie Simper flute
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Join the

Simply Flute Virtual Academy



One-Time Payment



**This option closes on June 5, 2021**

- June 21-25

- 10am-4pm EST every day

(with stretch and lunch breaks)


- Online copy of the workbook

2 Monthly Payments



**This option closes on May 1, 2021**

- June 21-25

- 10am-4pm EST every day

(with stretch and lunch breaks)


- Online copy of the workbook

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Still not sure if this is for your student?

If your student:

+  has played the flute for at least one year

+  gets excited about the flute

+  wants to work smarter, not harder

+  is willing to try new things

+  likes to make new friends

Then sign them up today!

But if your student:

+  has played the flute for less than one year

+  does not like to play or practice flute

+  does not want to change how they learn

+  does not want to try new things

+  does not want to interact with others

Then maybe next time!