My goals for students are to help them build confidence in their playing through personalized approaches, anxiety management, and overall wellness.


Whether you are looking to enjoy music or become a professional musician, lessons are a safe space for discussion, communication, and trying new things. Just like the countless stones in the Smoky Mountains, each lesson has an infinite number of possibilities for you to grow and achieve your goals.


Students of all ages and playing abilities are welcome in the Simper Music Studio, so it is never too late to set your goals and reach them! We focus on everything from making a sound on the flute to performing solo recitals, and we always make time to have fun and enjoy the ride.

So, what does that mean for you?

It means that when you take lessons,

you will:

  • Learn about body awareness and mindfulness (this stuff isn’t just for the yoga fanatics!)


  • Find your learning blocks and how to break them down (figuratively AND literally)


  • Understand how trial and error leads you to success (progress is wayyy better than perfection)


  • Learn healthy practice habits in tone, technique, and musicality (I’ll teach you the ABC’s of flutistry)


  • Participate in local school, youth symphony, or All-East auditions


  • Look forward to practicing instead of dreading it


  • Build confidence in any performance setting (I’m your biggest fan!!)


  •  Work smarter, not harder, to achieve your goals


  • Feel comfortable in any range of the flute (yes, even in the stratosphere)


  • Gain a support group for your musical and personal successes (our flute family looks out for each other)



Why should I take lessons from Nathalie?


  • The goal of each lesson is to build  confidence  through trial and error,  anxiety management,  and overall wellness in musical instruction. Everyone gets “stage fright,” and I’ll help you learn how to fight it. As students change their view of ‘failure’ to something necessary to finding success,   practice  sessions will become  more exciting  (and I teach you HOW to practice).

  • As a performer, I help each student name their personal  mental blocks  and learn how to  break them down  for more fulfilling practice sessions and performances. Once you can name your barrier, you can   plow it down!  Students will learn healthy and effective performance habits by understanding just how involved your mind is in a physical activity!

  • I am always looking for opportunities for students to apply their skills by researching local competition and audition opportunities. Each student is encouraged to participate in local competitions, music assessments, and to seek leadership opportunities within their music communities. Students participate in solo and ensemble festivals, as well as audition for All-State ensembles.  Go big or go home, am I right?!

  • During each lesson, we  sight read  duets from a variety of genres to make sight reading fun (hello, flamenco). Students will learn  breathing  and  tension-relieving  exercises that often involve moving around in silly ways (like going boneless!), and we often use a squishy stress ball to build hand strength and practice correct hand positions on the flute (everyone loves the stress ball!).

  • I work with you based on where you are, not where you think you should be.  Instead of focusing on everything you can’t do, we work together to design a plan to  enhance what you already do well.  I show you how to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, wherever that may be!

Teaching Philosophy


I believe that a love of learning is the key to unlocking a world of infinite possibilities. As we learn more about the world around us, we better understand what defines us and how to pursue our passions. Developing a love of learning is the foundation of my music-making method. Although music is often seen as a rigid discipline, seeds can be planted to grow a desire for knowledge that will extend into other facets of everyday living. My goal as an instructor is to enable students to see their unique learning styles and motivate them to create a positive approach towards the ever-winding path of education!

  As the sole musician in my family (yes, I was a loner), it was not always easy to stay committed to music (or to love practicing!). I was blessed with dedicated band teachers and the opportunity to take private flute lessons. My teachers sparked a fire within me to explore classical music as a profession, an outlet of expression, and a way to understand how I fit in the world around me – flute became my voice in the world. My experience as a lifelong learner of music drives me to help students become the best versions of themselves as musicians and global citizens, and to find their own voice in a crazy world (that needs their voice!).

I expect students to communicate and be willing to discuss their fears, hopes, and desires for their personal lesson path. By committing to being honest about their progress, I am better able to understand the student’s immediate and long-term needs. This creates a positive and safe space for students to voice frustrations and realize that each pit fall brings them closer to being their best self. The more confidence students build in making mistakes, the more students can feel confident in the small and monumental successes they will achieve throughout the course of lessons!

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