About Me

My name is Nathalie Simper, and I have always had a passion for music.
As a young child in Florida, I found a love for music through piano lessons.
However, I was introduced to the flute in the fourth grade and never looked back!

Nathalie Simper

       As the sole musician in my family, it was not always easy to stay committed to music. I was blessed with dedicated band teachers and the opportunity to take private flute lessons came about when I was in the 7th grade. Even though I had played the flute for several years by this point, my eyes were opened to just how much was not covered in my band classes. 
       With my private teacher, band directors, and family for support, I learned so much about music and myself. My teachers instilled a determination within me to explore classical music as a profession. I will never forget how they invested in me - not just as a student, but as a person trying to find her way in the world!


       After two decades of studying, performing and teaching, it is safe to say that my inner fire for flute playing is still burning. There were a lot of late nights, long rehearsals, and hours spent in a practice room. But the snack runs with friends, meaningful conversations with my professors, and incredible performances made every low point worth it. I discovered how courageous I could be in difficult situations, and also how unforgettable even the smallest recital could be for me and the audience.
       I earned degrees in music performance from Stetson University and the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, where I completed my M.M. After graduating from UTK, I fell in love with east Tennessee and settled in Knoxville, where I regularly perform and teach.

Nathalie Simper flute
As For Now...

       As a native Floridian, I never thought that a place like Knoxville would steal my heart. But it became the setting for some of the best moments in my life! I got to go to a phenomenal school (go Vols!), play with professional orchestras, and I met the love of my life (and married him during a pandemic!).
       Following in the footsteps of my inspirational teachers, I have spent my life advocating for music education. I currently teach in the greater Knoxville area, which covers Anderson, Blount, Knox, and Sevier Counties. I also offer online lessons so that distance is never an obstacle in the pursuit of higher learning. Whether it is for fun or for additional one-on-one learning, I encourage students of all ages to study music. It is an incredible feeling to be able to share the language of music in such a personal way!

Nathalie Simper flute
Nathalie Simper flute
Nathalie Simper flute
Support System...
Nathalie Simper flute

       As always, it takes a village to support a flute family, and this one is no different. Meet Alex, my wonderful husband and my biggest fan. He was a tuba player in high school, and developed an appreciation of music in any form. When we became friends, I invited him to a Christmas concert I was performing in. Since then, we began to date, got engaged, and got married during a global pandemic! Our story did not play out the way we had planned, but it definitely brought us closer together and gave us some unique stories to tell our future grandkids.
       Alex no longer plays the tuba, but now he fills the role of flute dad and front-row cheerleader. He absolutely loves to hear our home filled with the music of budding flutists!

Studio Mascot...

       And what would the flute family be without our most loyal mascot? Meet Doppler, who is commonly known as Doppler the Hoppler. He became the world's most spoiled bunny six years ago, when he was the size of my palm.
       He loves cilantro, mint, blueberries, and he isn't above begging for lettuce. He spends most of his day sleeping and lounging around, and he loves listening to music. He greets every student with a hop, and thinks shoelaces are the coolest thing since baby carrots. He LOVES the sound of the flute, and will often be seen being lulled to sleep during lessons.
       Every year he gets a themed Christmas outfit - and the studio gets to vote on his themes.

flute music mascot

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